Local governments and police agencies are coming under pressure from Governor Cuomo make changes on the local level -- changes Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro is happy to discuss and potentially embrace over the next year. 

What You Need To Know

  • Local governments are being pressured with fixing police-community relations.

  • They could lose state aid if the changes aren't approved.

  • The changes must be in place by April 1.

"This is a moment to be truly introspective, to highlight the good work law enforcement does, but also to be sure that we're taking this moment, this crisis, this tragedy, this murder and using it as an imputus to making meaningful and last changes to the way we do business," Molinaro said in an interview on Tuesday. 

Molinaro is a Republican who ran against Cuomo in 2018. He acknowledges there are ways to move forward on the issue of policing.  

"I don't think the extreme of defunding law enforcement makes any sense at all," Molinaro said. "I think it's important to make sure law enforcement has the tolls to be effective, but most importantly those struggling with mental health and drug addiction, that interaction should be with a service provider."

Cuomo is applying pressure local governments to develop changes to law enforcement, working with police and community members amid widespread protests this month over police brutality and systemic racism.

The reforms local governments are being tasked with carrying out range from spending, use of force guidelines, restorative justice and what issues police respond to in a community.

Cuomo on Tuesday said trust has to be restored for people -- especially within communities of color.

"It's not going to happen until everyone comes to the table and decides a way forward," Cuomo said during his daily briefing.

For Molinaro, there's a personal matter at stake. His sister in law is African-American and he knows for her family, interactions with police can be different. 

"What they teach their kids is different than what I experience, myself and certainly what my kids experience," Molinaro said. "It is importnat that we use this moment to listen, I mean truly listen."