State lawmakers are expected next week to take up a package of police reform measures that could alter use-of-force rules and bolster transparency for police disciplinary records. 

A coalition of 176 advocacy groups on Friday released a letter to top lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly that called for a full repeal of 50-a, the provision that prevents the disclosure of law enforcement disciplinary records. 

But the groups also want to see lawmakers go further, taking on measures meant to address New York's prison population. 

At the same time, the groups want to see the approval of a bill that would require the tracking and publishing of misdemeanor and violation ticketing, as well as a breakdown by race, enthnicity and gender. 

"Police violence is one piece of a larger system, and we believe that this element is critical to address through the full repeal of 50a and the full Safer NY Act," the groups wrote in the letter. "It is also important to address other forms of violence happening across the system and that leave generational trauma and scars across the Black community, including Black immigrants, Black incarcerated people, and Black LGBTQIA+ people."

Advocates also want the approval of a bill liberalizing parole, including for older inmates, as well as end to solitary confinement in state prisons.