New York's Capital Region is set to begin the second phase of the economic reopening from the coronavirus pandemic today as hospitalizations from COVID-19 continue to plummet statewide. 

The reopening means office workers can return, retail stores can open for customers in their stores and, yes, you can get a haircut. 

But there will be changes in what life will look inside businesses and offices. Social distancing guidelines must be enforced, masks and other personal protective equipment must be worn. Officials are continuing to urge hand sanitizer be used in order to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Capacity limitations will be imposed for retail stores as well. A complete list of what can open and guidance for those sectors can be found here.

The second phase of the reopening comes for the Albany area after six other regions of the state -- all north of New York City -- have already started that stage. 

The pandemic virtually shutdown life in New York for all non-essential businesses and workers, shuttering businesses and throwing people out of work and onto unemployment benefits. 

Repairing the damage from the economic havoc wrought by the pandemic will take longer, perhaps, than reopeing businesses and bringing things to some form of normal.