The Capital Region will begin the second stage of the economic reopening on Wednesday after it was cleared to do so by a team of experts examining coronavirus data, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office said Tuesday.

"Our team of international experts has reviewed the numbers and data for the Capital Region and confirmed that it's safe to proceed with phase two of reopening beginning tomorrow, June 3," Cuomo said.

"As more businesses begin to reopen in this next phase, residents should remain responsible and diligent and continue to follow all social distancing and other public health guidelines to help prevent an increase in the spread of the virus."

The second stage includes most office workers, in-store retail and grooming salons for cutting hair.

The businesses that are returning under Phase 2 must still follow social distancing and other safety protocols to prevent spread of the virus.

Most of upstate New York has entered the second phase, with western New York starting the stage today.