A task force is examining the spike in domestic violence cases during the pandemic and how the state should address it, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office announced Wednesday.

The effort will be led by Melissa DeRosa, the top aide to the governor, and the Council on Women and Girls.


What You Need To Know

  • Domestic violence reports have increased sharply.

  • A task force will examine how the state should respond.

  • The report is due May 28.

  • A top aide to the governor is leading the effort.

Domestic violence and intimate partner violence has seen an increase during the pandemic as many people remain indoors and in close quarters.

"During these unprecedented times, New York has led the way in providing survivors of domestic violence access to the critical services they need to get help," DeRosa said. "Unfortunately, the reality is that we are still seeing an increase in the number of reported cases of domestic violence across NY as this pandemic continues - we need to do more to help women who are stuck in dangerous situations. I am proud to be working with this diverse task force to develop recommendations for the governor so we can creatively address DV."

There was a 30 percent increase in calls to the state's domestic violence hotline in April compared to a similar time last year. Calls increased by 18 percent from February to March.

The State Police have also reported an increase in incidents by 15 percent in March compared to last year.

The recommendations from the task force are due May 28.