The New York State United Teachers union announced Andy Pallotta’s re-election on Friday, along with the leadership slate that includes Executive Vice President Jolene DiBrango and Secretary-Treasurer J. Phillipe Abraham.

Pallotta’s re-election to the post he has held for the last three years comes at a challenging time for education in New York, as the school year has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. School buildings have been closed since March in the state, and it remains unclear if they will be able to re-open in September.

 Teachers have faced the added challenge of distance learning during this time.

Meanwhile, with tax revenue nosediving as a result of the pandemic, schools may face significant state cuts this month without federal aid.

“Never before have we faced challenges like we are facing right now, but I know that as a union representing teachers, School-Related Professionals, higher education professionals, health care workers and many others, we can be an integral part of charting a better path forward for New York,” Pallotta said. “I’m proud of what my union sisters and brothers are accomplishing together in this unprecedented time and look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”