A state Supreme Court judge in a ruling issued Thursday tossed out the law creating a commission that recommended the creation of a system of publicly financed campaigns and provisions that make it harder for minor parties to get on the ballot. 

Justice Ralph Boniello wrote in the ruling the measure creating the panel is "an improper and unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority." 

"The line between administrative rule-making (which can be delegated) and legislative action (which cannot be delegated) has clearly been transgressed," he wrote in the ruling. 

The public financing panel last year backed a recommendation that created a system of publicly funded campaigns for legislative and statewide races in New York. The recommendations backed changes to ballot access laws that would make it more difficult for organizations like the Working Families Party to maintain their statewide ballot status. 

The WFP had filed a legal challenge over the measure, as have lawmakers from both parties in separate lawsuits. 

The ruling by Boniello was part of the case bacekd by the Working Families Party and Democratic state lawmakers. 

But the ruling was also cause for celebration by opponents of creating a system of publicly funded campaigns, using taxpayer dollars to match low-dollar donations. 

The Government Justice Center, an Albany-based legal organization, had criticized the law in a legal brief saying "only the Legislature, however, can pass laws that supersede existing laws. And only final bills may become law.”