New York's congressional delegation should have pushed for more in the $35 million approved for the state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday said. 

Cuomo has previously vented his frustrations with the federal response this week, calling the measure signed into law by President Trump "insufficient" for New York. 

State lawmakers on Monday approved a $40 million package to aid in New York's response to the spread of the virus. 

"You're the federal representatives? I understand that," Cuomo said. "I also understand New York is being mistreated by the federal government. We are constantly getting the short end of the stick. I understand we're not on Preisdent Trump's hit parade, but the delegation's job is to advocate and deliver and for New York."

The governor pointed to other areas where he said New York fell short with the Trump administration, including tax and infrastructure policies.

"The reality of the situation is that it's not enough funding for the state of New York, period," Cuomo said. "This state routinely gets the short end of the stick from the federal government." 

Asked how much money New York will need, Cuomo said: "It's going to be multiples of the forty."