Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined a $178 billion budget proposal that grapples with a $6.1 billion budget gap.

Here are four things to know in the budget plan and how it can affect you.

$826 million: That's the amount of money Cuomo wants to hike education spending for schools in the state. That may sound like a lot of money, but it's far short of the $2.1 billion education advocates are seeking each year.

Cuomo's budget briefing says much of the money is being shuttled to "high-needs" school districts in the state.

Sports betting: Cuomo's state budget stops short of allowing people to place bets on sporting events on their phones. But he is also proposing an expansion of how people can gamble on sports in casinos.

Currently, bettors are limited to placing wagers in sports parlors. Cuomo's plan would allow sports bets to placed anywhere in the casino.

Medicaid: This the big kahuna of the budget and largely the source the budget gap. Cuomo wants to incentivize local governments to limit spending in the local-level management of the program.

So, why does this matter to you? Well, county governments levy property taxes. And they say the biggest driver of those taxes is mandated spending, like Medicaid, imposed by Albany. So, depending on how this works out, your taxes could be affected as a result.

-Canadian drugs: Cuomo wants to control the cost of prescription drugs and he's looking north to do so. The governor's budget includes the creation of a commission to study the importation of drugs from Canada. It's a move that could save money in the long run, or at least slow the increase in costs.