The federal judge responsible for sentencing former Congressman Chris Collins has some questions before he makes his final decision.

Justice Vernor Broderick filed a court order Wednesday with dozens of inquiries for both the prosecution and defendants. He said these are answers he still wants after finishing his initial review of the presentence report and both parties' sentencing submissions.

The sentencing date is Friday at 2:30 p.m. in Manhattan.

"Parties shall provide the following requested documents prior to sentencing and shall be prepared to discuss/answer the following topics and questions either at sentencing or prior to sentencing," Broderick wrote.

Some questions seem to be probing for clarification of some of the wording in documents and the timeline of events. Others perhaps provide a window into the judge's mindset about whether Collins has truly showed remorse for his insider trading crimes.

"How can the argument that Defendant Collins committed an emotional and impulsive act on June 22, 2017 be reconciled with his lying to law enforcement approximately ten months later?" is the last question Broderick asked.

He also made inquiries about whether the former congressman's decision to run for another term in 2018 after initially suspending his campaign had any relevance to sentencing.

"In connection with his campaign for reelection did Collins make any statements professing his innocence in advertisements, press conferences or elsewhere?" the judge asked.

Collins did maintain his innocence publicly until suddenly deciding to plead guilty at the beginning of October.