Rep. Tim Kennedy (NY-26) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to call for federal action in response to gun violence after a 3-year-old was shot and killed outside his home last week in Buffalo.

Ramone Carter, 3, was killed while riding his tricycle, and his sister, Jamia Griffin, 7, was also wounded by gunfire. Two teenage boys were indicted Tuesday in the shooting.

Kennedy said in part, "gun violence is an epidemic in our country, one that requires a national response. In May 2022, a racist domestic terrorist opened fire in the Tops Supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, in the heart of our community, stealing the lives of ten innocent souls and severely wounding three others. And just last Friday, a beautiful 3-year-old boy, Ramone L. Carter, was riding his tricycle when he was struck and killed by a bullet. His older sister, Jamia Griffin, age 7, was also grazed and was hospitalized."

"Grocery store patrons and employees being slaughtered, children, toddlers being murdered, police being shot — it cannot continue. And when you can’t send your kid to school, your loved one to the grocery store, or simply sit outside without fear of gun violence, we need Congress to act. As a parent and as a community member who has been to far, far too many funerals due to gun violence, I implore my colleagues to work with us to pass these policies and make this a safer country," he continued.

Kennedy co-sponsors the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (HR715), Assault Weapons Ban (HR689), and Aaron Salter, Jr. Responsible Body Armor Possession Act (HR3247).