It is typically an uphill climb for Republican candidates in some state office races in Central New York. However, two Republican hopefuls have stepped up and are hoping to buck that trend.

What You Need To Know

  • Fanny Villarreal is hoping to win a seat to represent the NYS Senate's 48th District; she says she's going to push hard for education and target crime, eliminating cashless bail & keeping repeat offenders off the streets

  • Caleb Slater is also hoping to win that seat; he says he's the only candidate originally from this area, having lived in it his whole life; he says the youth and giving them every opportunity to succeed is a major part of what he hopes to accomplish

  • The seat is currently held by Democrat Rachel May

“I love this place,” state Senate District 48 GOP candidate Fanny Villarreal said.

This place is Brady Market. Thirty years ago, it was known as Nojaim Supermarket. It's where Fanny Villareal got her first job — a cashier — after legally immigrating from Peru.

“I started walking around the store and talking to people and asking, what do you think about the service? Would you like to see something new?” she said of her experience.

It’s a trait she wants to take with her all the way to Albany. However, she is not alone.

“I had two choices. I'm either going to run or I'm going to run away,” fellow GOP candidate Caleb Slater said.

Slater has lived in this 48th District his whole life. He said he knows it can be great, but he wants it to be better.

“I am running to show the kids in our community that you can make something of yourself,” Slater said, talking about his life without much money, comparing it to far too many children today.

And while Villarreal has her party's support, both are confident they can win the 48th District.

“I am also running for the Sterlings, the Catos, all of the other areas that people feel like nobody comes to them,” Slater added, listing off a number of what he calls forgotten towns.

“I am a person that is not only in touch with the community, but also in touch with the issues,” Villarreal said.

The winner of this primary will then move on to November's general against Democratic state Sen. Rachel May.

The 48th state Senate District is made up of Cayuga County and parts of northern and southern Onondaga County, including the city of Syracuse.

Primary Election Day is June 25. Early voting runs through June 23.