The New York state Assembly on Friday passed legislation related to the state's new farmworker overtime law that, if signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, would make it easier for some farm businesses to receive reimbursement.

Currently, some farms are ineligible to file for the reimbursement if they have a management company or LLC for payroll purposes or if they go through a thrid-party contractor for paycheck services.

The legislation, passed earlier by the state Senate, would fix the new overtime regulations that went into effect on Jan. 1, making farmworkers eligible for overtime after 56 hours, down from 60 hours. The state is reimbursing farm businesses for the additional costs through a tax credit which farm businesses must apply for to receive.

The overtime threshold would creep down four hours each year until it reaches 40 hours.

"We look forward to the governor signing this into law to ensure all farms are empowered to continue making business decisions that prioritize their workforce, the next generation of farmers, and their ability to continue feeding families across the state," said Northeast Dairy Producers Association Chair Keith Kimball. "This action will ensure all farms have access to the overtime credit, just as the law intended from the start."