After 609 days since he was detained by the Taliban, a resolution calling for Ryan Corbett’s immediate release was passed Thursday after both Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell introduced the bipartisan resolution.  

Corbett had a business in Afghanistan and was going there to do some work when he was detained.

His wife, Anna, on her 10th trip to Washington, D.C., pushed lawmakers for his safe and prompt return home.

“These are both leaders in the Senate, and they care deeply for a U.S. citizen who is sitting in a basement cell with no charge who has done nothing wrong,” she said. “And this is an American issue. And Ryan needs to be brought home as soon as possible.”

The Corbett family has received a few calls from him since his detention. The most recent came a couple weeks ago when they heard Ryan had been sick and was losing hope.

Anna says she’s hopeful this resolution in the Senate will be a breakthrough for his release.

Her husband’s 41st birthday is Saturday.

Schumer's statement before the Senate can be found below, as well as viewed here:

“Today, I am very proud that the Senate just passed Leader McConnell and my resolution calling for Ryan Corbett’s immediate and unconditional release.

By passing this resolution, today the Senate sends a resounding message that it is time to bring Ryan home.

This weekend is Ryan’s birthday. We are all thinking about him, because it has now been 609 days since Ryan, a New York native, was unjustly detained by the Taliban in Afghanistan during a routine business trip.

I met with Ryan’s beautiful family this week, and I told them the Senate is standing with them and has their back.

And I promised them as long as Ryan is held by the Taliban, I will never stop fighting to bring him back home and unite him with Anna, his children, and his family as quickly as possible.

Again, I thank Leader McConnell for joining me in this legislation.”