Multiple National Guardsmen and at least one service worker are accused of coercing asylum seekers into trading sexual favors for food and housing in Western New York.

The allegations were filed in a lawsuit Thursday at U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

One member of the National Guard is even accused of escorting a teenage girl to a part of a hotel without video surveillance, where he allegedly groped her until she ran off.

The lawsuit was first uncovered by The New York Times.

A spokesperson with the National Guard responded to a request for comment, saying he cannot discuss the investigation according to privacy laws. He also says more than 2,100 military members are working to handle the migrant situation.

Gov. Kathy Hochul released a statement, saying:

"Abuse and misconduct are completely unacceptable and Governor Hochul has prioritized taking action to keep everyone in the State of New York safe. The New York National Guard, as part of the United States Military, has an independent disciplinary process under military law which will be followed to the fullest extent in order to hold offenders accountable."

DocGo, a company picked to house and care for migrants both in New York City and upstate New York, was also named in the suit.

An official with that company is accused of having a sexual relationship with an asylum seeker sent to Western New York.

Plaintiffs also claim DocGo was not truthful about where asylum seekers were going to be housed.

Those plaintiffs also say they were belittled, placed in deplorable living conditions and were fed inedible food.

DocGo did not immediately return a request for comment.