A majority of registered voters in New York feel the quality of life in the state is worsening, with 80% calling the cost of living a major problem, and most polled believe the leading presidential candidates are unfit to serve four years as president, according to a Siena College poll released on Tuesday morning.

At least 80% of New Yorkers rank pocket-book issues as most important, and 57% of New Yorkers said the quality of life in the state is declining, compared to 14% that said it was improving, the poll found.

Twenty-seven percent called the cost of living the top issue for state leaders to address, followed by the recent influx of migrants (19%), affordable housing (18%) and crime (17%), according to the poll results.

The top four issues were the same for Republicans, Democrats and independents, though in different orders. Addressing the migrant issue is the most important issue for Republicans, while the availability of affordable housing and cost of living is virtually tied as the top issue for Democrats, according to the poll.

“In assessing the severity of problems facing New York, there is, surprisingly, considerable agreement among Democrats, Republicans and independents,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said. “At least 80% of each partisan group thinks the cost of living in the state is a major problem. At least 71% of each say affordable housing is a major problem, as do at least 64% of each about crime, and at least 51% of each about the migrant influx."

Voters said the state is headed in the wrong direction by a 52% to 35% margin. Only 4% of independents, 5% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats said things in New York are getting better, Greenberg said.

Also, at least 60% of voters say President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are not fit to serve a new four-year term as president, with about a third saying neither are fit.

While most voters polled said Trump should not be allowed to run for president based on his criminal indictments, a plurality – 46-40% – support the House opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden, the poll found.

Still, Biden leads Trump in a head-to-head matchup 52-31%, up from 47-34% last month, according to the poll.

Biden’s favorability rating rose to 50-45%, up from 46-50% in August. His job approval rating among New York voters is 47-48%, compared to 47-50% last month.

Among Democrats, 54% want Biden as the party nominee in 2024, while 40% want someone else.

“New York voters give the President good news and bad news this month," Greenberg said.

Trump's favorability ratings among voters slipped to 33-61%, down from 37-56% in August. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans said they will vote for him as their nominee, Greenberg said.

Gov. Kathy Hochul's job approval rating came in 48-41%, up from 46-46% last month.