For eight straight years, Rich David led Binghamton, the largest city in New York’s newly drawn 52nd New York State Senate District. The former Binghamton mayor and leader of the state’s Conference of Mayors said that experience taught him to work with everyone.

“Neither party has a monopoly on change or a good idea. One of the things that I was very proud of is the fact that we had a very bipartisan coalition working with city council. I was a Republican mayor in a predominantly Democratic city, and that's because the person is more important than the party,” said David, who is now running as a candidate in the 52nd Senate District.

What You Need To Know

  • Former Binghamton Mayor Rich David says that experience taught him to work with everyone

  • Lea Webb is the first Black woman in Binghamton City Council history and a longtime community organizer

  • The seat is currently held by Sen. Fred Akshar, who is choosing to leave the seat for a run at Broome County sheriff against Kate Newcomb

Just down the road, a team works to earn votes for the first Black woman in Binghamton City Council history, longtime community organizer Lea Webb.

Webb is leaning on that experience to make sure all voices are heard.

“As an elected official, when you create policies, it has to be reflective, and that requires a centering of the voices of those in your community, especially those who are marginalized,” said Webb, candidate in the 52nd.

A top focus throughout Webb’s campaign has been wage inequality. She’s a supporter of “Raise the Wage,” and wants to expand workforce training to provide more people with opportunity.

“I've actually worked on and still work through the NAACP. We've been doing workforce development, focusing predominantly on youth. That also looks like working with our labor unions, small business leaders, as well, to really create a much more robust economy,” said Webb.

According to David, crime and affordability are the top issues facing the state in 2023. He said far too many in the region have fallen behind thanks to unfair policies.

“We need to provide relief and tax credits for businesses and tax relief for families. Many families are having difficulties making ends meet as inflation has gripped our state and our country. That means higher prices putting food on the table,” said David.

When it comes to combatting crime, David said it starts with supporting law enforcement.

“We have pro-criminal policies that are being passed that make it very difficult for police officers, district attorneys, judges, sheriffs to do their job. In effect, those pro-criminal policies have made New York state less safe,” said David.

Webb advocates providing more mental health, domestic violence and housing support for those most in need.

“All of those things put folks into our criminal justice system. And so we have to address those issues as part of the bigger plan for making sure that everyone in our community is safe," said Webb.

The seat is currently held by Sen. Fred Akshar, who is leaving the seat to run for Broome County sheriff against Kate Newcomb.