Governor Andrew Cuomo, on a press call Thursday, says the COVID-19 positive infection rate for the state dropped to 2.7% yesterday. It was 3.4% the day before. 

COVID-19 hospitalizations increased to 2,276 New Yorkers yesterday and 31 people passed away from the coronavirus. 

"Western New York has been and continues to be the problem,” Cuomo says, pointing to a 4.8% positive infection rate yesterday. 

The governor says he is expanding the state’s yellow zone restrictions to now include Westchester, Rockland, and Orange counties. 

Cuomo pleaded with New Yorkers to stay home for Thanksgiving saying he predicts a large spike in COVID-19 cases. 

"The virus is complicated, but you know what it's going to do ... I will wager you, if people are not extraordinarily diligent and act in a way they have never acted before, you will see a real spike," said the governor.

Cuomo also said the state will be seeking to fine three utility companies for their lack of response to service outages in the wake of recent storms.

The state will be seeking a $102 million fine against Con Edison, $19 million against Orange and Rockland, and $16 million against Central Hudson. Each utility company will be allowed due process.