Tuesday is Election Day. This time, voters across New York are heading to the polls to determine the future of education.

There are school board seats on some ballots and different propositions — but the bottom line is the budget.

Since March 2020, school districts have gotten $14 billion from the federal education COVID-19 response funding per the state's education department. That funding is expiring in September. Combine that with rising inflation, and just about every school is in a tougher position than they were last year.

In upstate New York alone, at least a half-dozen school districts are looking to exceed the tax cap. It also requires a 60% approval in order to pass.

Tough times are forcing tough decisions. Some districts are planning layoffs; others are eliminating jobs through attrition. It's not necessarily an issue in every district, but one thing that is consistent is the need for resources.  

Coming out of the pandemic, students have been dealing with learning loss. There's been a push to make sure students have access to mental health services. Safety is another top initiative. But some are stressing investments in their districts as crucial.

"Really, if you look at the world ahead, you have AI, we have a focus on STEM subjects, we are also seeing more of a focus on civics," said David Albert, chief communications and marketing officer for the New York State School Boards Association. "Schools are being asked to do a lot, and they are preparing students for a world that is probably going to be a lot different than what we see today."

If you want to know what's on your ballot, go to your school district's website.

Last year, according to the New York State Education Department, 98% of budgets passed.

Spectrum News 1 will have results once the polls close Tuesday night.